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Schnucks Cooks Cooking School, located on the mezzanine level of our Des Peres store, offers a variety of cooking classes for every level of expertise. The classes include a wide range of topics of interest to families, couples, kids, and check out our Learn at Lunch Classes. We have created opportunities for food experiences that will ensure hours of fun and entertainment. Please browse our schedule for the classes that whet your appetite or fire up your passion.

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Cooking School Location
Des Peres
12332 Manchester Road
(314) 909-1704
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Meet Our Staff
Gay DeMichele
Gay DeMichele
(Cooking School Manager)

Gay DeMichele learned to cook as a child of a large family, whose mother was an Italian Immigrant. While her professional training is in Interior Design, her life's passion is food.  She owned a catering company, worked, taught cooking classes and managed Williams Sonoma at Plaza Frontenac, and was the developer/director of L'Ecole Culinaire, an accredited professional culinary school owned by Vatterott Education Centers, Inc.  Gay's passions are for family, food, and visiting every nook and cranny of Italy.

Scott Drake
Scott Drake
(Culinary Educator)

Scott Drake became an apprentice chef at 16, and two years later, he set out to learn as much as he could. He took a job shucking oysters at Commanders Palace in New Orleans just before nationally known chef, Emeril, made it a destination for tourists. Drake went on to study at the National Cooking Institute in Denver and from there to the Tante Marie School of Cookery in Surrey, England.

While in Denver, he worked at LaPetite Gourmet, one of the country’s Top Ten gourmet food enterprises. In 1975, he enrolled at Loyola in New Orleans and later finished his studies at Maryville University in St. Louis.

Scott was Executive Chef of Schnucks Central Kitchen and has joined the Cooking School team as Chef Instructor. In addition to teaching at Schnucks Cooking School, Scott Drake has also taught cooking at Pampered Pantry, Kitchen Conservatory and at Forest Park Community College.

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* Classes are subject to all Schnucks Cooks Cooking School policies. If you have questions for the Schnucks Cooks Cooking School please feel free to email us at cookingschool@schnucks.com