Keeping It Cool with Cucumbers

Cucumbers are like Mother Nature’s personal aquifer. But at 95% water, cucumbers deliver more than just liquid; they are full of vitamins and electrolytes to nourish as well as refresh. HealthWise can shed more light on how healthy cucumbers are.

There are many varieties of cucumbers such as the burpless originally from Iran, dosakai which is yellow and round from India, the Persian cucumber which is small, seedless and slightly sweet and apple cucumbers grown in New Zealand known for their light yellow –green color and slightly sweet flavor. Schnucks carries three varieties of cucumbers and in Explore the Store we will help you identify and choose the correct cucumber for your needs. Kitchen 411 gives you a history lesson on how the mighty cucumber came to be welcomed to America’s dinner table.

We invite you to search out the variety of cucumbers in your Schnucks store and whip up these recipes: Salmon with a Cucumber Sauce and Honey Dill Cucumber Salad.


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